DIY Review: Can These Colorful LED Lights Really Change Any Backyard From 'Blah' To Breathtaking?

I Didn't Believe The Hype... Until My Friends Whispered ‘WOW!’ At These 16 Color LED Lights
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jenny Kennedy is a home lighting expert from Los Angeles, California.

First, I Need To Make A Confession...

Before I begin this review, I need to get something off my chest.

I'm addicted to my funky new outdoor lights. Yup, I said it.

I'm hooked on the rush I get when my friends gush, 'Your place looks amazing!' (a hundred times or more)

...ever since I added these colorful, waterproof LED lights in my backyard patio:

My bestie (half jokingly) told me to cancel our Girls' Trip To Vegas.... 

Because as soon as she steps on my patio, she feels like she's hanging out at a luxury resort.

Are you looking to score some extra bling for your backyard, too?  At DIY lighting prices anyone can afford?

Then keep reading...

Because once you see the LUMN8 EFX Lights in action, I think you might become a believer, too.

What is the EFX Light?

The EFX LED Light is a wireless & portable LED 'puck'  designed to shine a colorful spotlight on your home's best features..

I tested it to add a splash of color to my patio for my parents big 50th anniversary bash. The transformation was stunning.

Did I mention this 'party perfect' lighting is completely waterproof? Yup it's fully immersible. 

Toss a few in the pool, fountains, hot tub, flower vase, fish tank- wherever you choose (indoors or outdoors).

PLUS they add a fun, casual and cool vibe inside. 

Home theatres, fan caves, video game rooms, & dorm rooms will never look the same.

How Do I Use the EFX LED Light?

Using the EFX LED light is incredibly simple. 

Place them wherever you want. They are battery powered, so no extra wiring or fancy electrical work is required. 

Use the included remote control to turn the EFX LED on or off, and select one of the sixteen colors. 

Then, sit back & smile as your friends rave about how amazing your place looks. 

Here's a few other great features I love:

No Installation Required (Wireless & portable)
Remote Control Included (Point & click simple)
13b Colors + Dimmer (Shuffles the colors too)
Waterproof: IP68 Rated (Go ahead, dunk it!)
Compact & Crush Proof (Use it for years)
10 Bright LED Lights in Each Disc (Wow, just wow)


Your entertaining space has way more potential than you think. 

So why let a drab and dark backyard, patio, or rec room turn off your guests... 

When you can spice up any party with the EFX?

The LUMN8 EFX Is A Show Stopper

My take? The LUMN8 EFX is the real deal. That's because it's the first RGB outdoor light that is:

Built To Last
Ridiculously Fun
Ultra Affordable

If you want to turn your party into an event guests will never forget... you gotta getta LUMN8 EFX!

My rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Where Can You Get the EFX LED Light?

The guys at LUMN8 tell me the EFX LED Lights have been selling out fast. 

And as of today, there are a limited number of packages available for immediate shipping.  

Doesn't it make sense to grab yours now before someone else does...because they’re going fast and they can’t keep them in stock?  

PLUS if you act now, you can jump to the front of the line & save yourself 62% OFF.


PARTY POINTER: The more the merrier! Add more EFX lights to your order so you can bring the party indoors too. Makes a great gift.


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